Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio

Museum of Cinema Girona

The museum offers a journey through 500 years of history of the images, seeing the background and origins of cinema, as a technique and as a visual spectacle, as well as knowing the beginnings of the seventh art until the arrival of television. The Tomàs Mallol Cinema-Collection Museum is a permanent, non-profit institution, open to […]

Vall de Núria

The ski resort of Vall de Núria is located in the Valle de Nuria. A small ski resort familiar and welcoming, equipped with a snowmaking system that allows skiing or snowboarding throughout the season. The views are magnificent, surrounded by peaks of 3000 meters of altitude. The only way to access the station is by […]


Localizada en La Cerdanya con 72.000 Km repartidos entre las 62 pistas (Bosc d’Alp, Cap del Bosc, Coma Oriola, Coma Pregona, Coms de Das, La Pia, La Pleta, La Tosa y Pla de Masella) y 15 remontes puedes disfrutar de la pista más larga del Pirineo Orienta (Dues Estacions). La temporada 2010-2011 su área esquiable […]

La Molina

La Molina is the oldest winter sports station in Spain with the first commercial ski lift in 1943. In its history it has collected sports and fun for all audiences. Most of its length is located in La Cerdanya, it has 61 skiable km spread over 54 slopes for all levels, a large snowpark and […]