Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Grupos Big Fun Museum Barcelona

Grupos Big Fun Museum Barcelona

BIG FUN MUSEUM is the most original museum of illusions and entertainment in Barcelona and throughout Spain. Enjoy themed rooms, incredible 3D installations, dive into the ball pool or walk through the house upside down.
Immerse yourself in an exciting world full of fantasies in 9 different museums: Récords y Maravillas, La Casa del Giant, Upside Down House, Sweet Museum, Museum of Madness, Food art, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Time Out Zone/Dry Pool or the Museum of Illusions. (the latter requires a separate ticket).
Have you already visited BIG FUN MUSEUM? Well, don’t check the box yet, as the museum regularly updates all the interactive rooms to offer visitors the opportunity to visit and discover more themed museums. Live an exciting experience in one of the most magical museums in Barcelona and don’t forget your camera!
-Records and Wonders: in this museum you will discover the most incredible facts and records in the world. Secrets and mysteries, strange traditions and all kinds of strange beings.
-House of the giant: become a dwarf and discover a world where everything is gigantic.
-House Upside Down: illusion or reality? Discover the strangest house you have ever visited. You will have the opportunity to visit a house where the rules of physics do not apply.
-Museo Dulce: Dare to daydream! Enter a world full of marshmallows, candies, donuts and cotton candy.
-Museum of Madness: You will discover several extreme psychiatric techniques applied throughout history. You will feel the fear firsthand… Will you be able to bear it?
-Food Art: Discover this collection of modern art made with all kinds of food!
-Alicia a Through the Looking Glass: Join the strange world of mirrors created by Lewis Carroll. Walk through the endless forest, meet talking flowers and play magic chess.
-Dry Pool: Jump into a pool and come out with dry clothes! That is only possible in the Dry Pool. Here you will only choke with laughter!
-Museum of Illusions: The 3D paintings of the Museum of Illusions can come to life! Painted by the greatest artists of Barcelona
Rambla de Sant Josep, 88, 08002, Barcelona
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