Caldea – INÚU

When you buy your tickets to INÚU (Caldea), you will be opening the door to a new world of sensations, which only the best Wellness Centers in the world can offer you. Hire any of our INÚU experiences to take away the stress of everyday life, and enjoy the most absolute relaxation individually or as […]

Balneario de Panticosa

In the Panticosa Spa you can distinguish three well-differentiated parts: The Cabinas area is the place where the treatments are carried out, expressly designed for well-being and beauty; a total of 26 treatment cabins equipped with the latest technology, where every detail is designed so that the harmony of the rooms provides a feeling of […]

Caldea – Thermoludic

Book your tickets for Caldea in less than a minute, and enjoy the pleasures of thermal waters in all its forms. In the Thermoludic, the largest spa in Caldea, you will experience all the states of water, in a playful way, in spectacular facilities. This is not a traditional spa, nor is it a conventional […]