Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio

Tren Turístico de Elche

With this service you can visit the most emblematic areas of Elche aboard this charming fully adapted vehicle. The starting point is next to the tourist office next to the Municipal Park every hour on the hour. Three stops are made during the tour, the first inside the Municipal Park, the second next to the […]

Guided Tours in Jaén: Arab Baths and Villardompard Palace

Guided visit to the Arab Baths of Jaén, classified as the largest in Spain and the best preserved in Europe, and guided visit to the Villardompardo Palace. It currently contains the Museum of Naive Art, the first of its kind in Spain and the largest in the world, and the Museum of Popular Arts and […]

Guided Tour of the Alhambra Illuminated by Night Viewpoints

Walk under the starry mantle of the magical city of Granada visiting the most incredible and unknown viewpoints that the Albaicín neighborhood has to contemplate, explain and fall in love with the spectacular views of the Alhambra and the city of Grenada. A tour full of curiosities, stories, anecdotes, legends and mysteries that will make […]

Guided Tour Legends and Mysteries of Segura de la Sierra

Walk through the perfumed and ancient medieval streets of Segura de la Sierra, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain that hides legends, mysteries, anecdotes and oral traditions that are part of the idiosyncrasies of its people that make it even more special. Even more special if possible when at nightfall, the atmosphere of […]

Visita Guiada a Castillo de Santa Catalina y Mirador del Rey en Jaén

Discover the Castle of Santa Catalina, palatial residence of Fernando III the Saint after the conquest of Jaén in 1246, and one of the three fortresses of the primitive Castle of Jaén. We will visit its dependencies, such as the kitchens, dungeons or latrines, the Tower of Homage to the Constable of Castilla that he […]

Barcelona Walking Tours Gòtic

If you want to know the historical events of the oldest nucleus of the city of Barcelona, don’t miss this walking tour, full of history, charm and magic at every step, in which you will discover the most splendid era of the city, its culture and his legacy to this day.

Barcelona WalkingTours Picasso

If you are passionate about the life and work of Picasso, you cannot miss the guided tour that we offer you through the most emblematic sites of Barcelona, where the painter was during his youth, and the museum that houses the most important collection of the training period of the artist.

Discover Almería Guided Tour

Visit the Historic Center of the city of Almería starting at the Puerta Purchena, one of the oldest entrances to the City. You will walk through the old streets discovering the history of the Civil War Refuges, the Arab Cisterns, the Old Square, the old Muslim medina and its founder, Jairán; the neighborhood of the […]

Tours en Granada: Tour Centro Histórico, Capilla, Catedral y Madraza

Granada is a privileged city to explore on foot, in every corner, we can find traces of a splendid historical past, from the 14th century Arab Madrasa, to one of the most impressive cathedrals in Spain, passing through the tomb of the Catholic kings; We will take a tour that will transport us in time […]