The Micropsia Mansion

Micropsia Manor has belonged for generations to the Weniston family, who disappeared under strange circumstances except for Juliet, a grieving widow and sole survivor. Many stories surround the mansion. The most popular one tells that Juliet Weniston made a pact with the devil to achieve eternal life, but of course everything has a price, she […]

Madrid Terror – Paranormal Experience

It is vitally important to close the most controversial paranormal case. We are in a location shrouded in controversy, the home of a famous filmmaker whose name we cannot reveal. Macabre as it may seem, the house was built inside a former slaughterhouse. Due to the influence of the director and its sinister history, the […]

Madrid Terror – Horror Club Admission Test

Rumour has it that there is a very elite and dark social club where strange things happen: disappearances, torture, kidnappings and murders. No one knows its real name, but many refer to it as the “Horror Club”. Anyone wishing to join the club must successfully pass the entrance exam.