Lacuniacha Fauna Park of the Pyrenees

Not a zoo or a theme park, is a forest where you can take tours on trails full of life. The walking route is through marked trails discovering the animals in their habitat general. The approximate length of the walking tour is 5 km and the total unevenness of 180 meters. There are lookouts with tables of interpretation […]

Guided Tour of the Alcazaba of Almeria

Discover the Alcazaba of Almería, one of the largest in Spain today. They will enter the three internal enclosures that it has, where they will visit the Odalisque and Gunpowder Towers, the Mirror Tower, the Candle Wall, the Muslim cisterns and royal baths, and the domestic dwellings, without forgetting the patios and gardens with pools […]

Ikono – Barcelona

IKONO is a concept that is revolutionizing the leisure sector, providing customers with iconic spaces where they can enjoy unique and incomparable moments. It is a young and groundbreaking project that offers sensory experiences, challenging the creativity of visitors. The experience lasts approximately 60 minutes and is a collection of different worlds where you will […]

Visita Guiada a los Refugios de Almería

Take a guided tour of one of the largest underground shelters built during the Spanish Civil War. Discover the place with your guide and explore the network along the Paseo de Almería. Discover one of the largest shelters from the Spanish Civil War, built by Guillermo Langle to protect the population of Almeria during the […]

Visita Guiada a Castillo de Santa Catalina y Mirador del Rey en Jaén

Discover the Castle of Santa Catalina, palatial residence of Fernando III the Saint after the conquest of Jaén in 1246, and one of the three fortresses of the primitive Castle of Jaén. We will visit its dependencies, such as the kitchens, dungeons or latrines, the Tower of Homage to the Constable of Castilla that he […]

Guided Visit to Almeria Cathedral

Discover the beautiful jewel of Almería: the Cathedral of Almería, the only Cathedral in Andalusia with a cloister that is characterized by its strong military fortress architecture. A very unique building where you can discover the history of San Indalecio, Villalán and Portocarrero. A Renaissance building made by Juan de Orea where the famous Cristo […]

Visita Guiada al Museo íbero y Museo Provincial de Jaén

Discover the most important museums in Jaén: The Iberian Museum, the only one of its culture in the world, and the Provincial Museum, with more than 1600 exhibits. A fascinating tour of these two museums, where we can discover the Porcuna sculptural complex, listed as the largest in Spain, in the Íbero Museum in Jaén; […]

Viva Circo Tarragona

Fofito presents: VIVA EL CIRCO, sing, laugh, play and let yourself be surprised by the great international artists. For 90 minutes you will be able to enjoy a true classic and traditional circus, together with Fofito and Mónica Aragón we will remember those magical songs that we know so well and marked generations. Trapeze artists, […]

Fun Ride Sevilla

Enjoy an exclusive ride along the Guadalquivir River on a 20-meter-long yacht equipped with taking care of every last detail. It has 2 lounges (the main one with air conditioning and heating), impressive bow, covered upper terrace, bar service, ladies’ bathroom, men’s bathroom, Wi-Fi, leds, music, comfortable sofas in all areas to make you enjoy […]

Barcelona Ciclotour – Bike Tour

Take a relaxing tour of the city of Barcelona, you will pass through cultural and unique spaces such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, located in the Raval neighborhood, whose boulevard has a very unique inhabitant, Botero’s ‘Cat’ . The guide will explain some curiosities about this neighborhood, and then he will lead […]