Circo Universal – Barcelona

A show full of magic and illusion that cannot be missed. Acrobats, clowns, 3D animal holograms, magic, humor and many more surprises. Discover the Universal Circus show on its new tour of the Spanish geography.

The Mugas in Formigal

Las Mugas is an exclusive space installed in Formigal-Panticosa, at an altitude of 1,800 meters, which will immerse you in an afternoon-night unique under the stars of the Pyrenees. An unforgettable experience in which you can enjoy adventure, gastronomy and privileges of the idyllic setting of Aramón. Enter the forest on a snowshoe ride, savor […]

Tobogganing – Formigal

The fun continues by moonlight: ride the Sallent chairlift at nightfall and, after dinner at Trattoria Cantal, right in the heart of the ski slopes… descend on a classic wooden sled! down a 2.5 kilometer long illuminated track! If you have come to ski and have the opportunity to participate, you cannot miss out on […]

Eco Tuk Tuk Madrid

Fun and exciting Eco Tours by Tuk Tuk Madrid! Visit Madrid in the most fun and comfortable way: our Eco Tuk-Tuks. You will enjoy a smooth zero-emission journey to incredible and unique destinations. Visit all the sites, without worrying about transportation, book your Tuk Tuk Madrid tour today.

Domecq Palace

The Domecq Palace is the maximum architectural exponent of Jerez baroque from the 18th century. Home since 1885 of one of the families with the greatest winemaking tradition in Spain, the Domecq family. Visiting the Domecq Palace is a unique experience in the city. Within its walls, you will not only find the beauty of […]

Viva el Circo in Vitoria

Fofito presents: VIVA EL CIRCO, sing, laugh, play and let yourself be surprised by the great international artists. For 90 minutes you can enjoy a true classic and traditional circus, together with Fofito and Mónica Aragón we will remember those magical songs that we know so well and that have marked generations. Trapeze artists, intrepid […]

Teatro Flamenco Triana

Teatro Flamenco Triana is a stage dedicated to singing, dancing and guitar playing in the heart of the Triana neighborhood, the historic cradle of flamenco. The artists on display are prestigious figures of current flamenco, which is both a vindication of the mastery of established artists from different generations as the gateway to the stage for new […]

The Micropsia Mansion

Micropsia Manor has belonged for generations to the Weniston family, who disappeared under strange circumstances except for Juliet, a grieving widow and sole survivor. Many stories surround the mansion. The most popular one tells that Juliet Weniston made a pact with the devil to achieve eternal life, but of course everything has a price, she […]

Madrid Terror – Paranormal Experience

It is vitally important to close the most controversial paranormal case. We are in a location shrouded in controversy, the home of a famous filmmaker whose name we cannot reveal. Macabre as it may seem, the house was built inside a former slaughterhouse. Due to the influence of the director and its sinister history, the […]

Madrid Terror – Horror Club Admission Test

Rumour has it that there is a very elite and dark social club where strange things happen: disappearances, torture, kidnappings and murders. No one knows its real name, but many refer to it as the “Horror Club”. Anyone wishing to join the club must successfully pass the entrance exam.