Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio

Guided Tours Medina Azahara in Córdoba

Explore the enormous medieval palace of Medina Azahara, in Córdoba, with this 3-hour guided tour. Travel back in time to Al-Andalus and the Caliphate. Learn about the first Umayyad Caliph of Al-Andalus, Abderramán III.Visit the most important parts of the complex, such as the House of Jafar, built on the ruins of three previous houses. […]

Guided Tours in Cordoba

Enjoy the most emblematic tourist places in Córdoba with the best guide. Get to know the main monuments in the city of the three cultures, the only destination in the world that treasures four World Heritage distinctions: Historic Center, Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba Courtyards and Medina Azahara. Do not miss any detail of this fantastic city with […]

Groups Cañada Verde

Cañada Verde es un Aula de Naturaleza con alojamiento y múltiples actividades en un Entorno Natural privilegiado. Está ubicada en el Parque Natural Sierra de Hornachuelos y cuenta con 3 Patrimonios de la Unesco: es Patrimonio Natural como Reserva de la Biosfera, es Patrimonio Inmaterial por los muros de Roca Seca en sus 3 variantes […]

Cañada Verde

Cañada Verde is a Nature Classroom with accommodation and multiple activities in a privileged Natural Environment. It is located in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park and has 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites: it is Natural Heritage as a Biosphere Reserve, it is Intangible Heritage for the walls of Roca Seca in its 3 variants and […]

Tours en Córdoba

Discover the most famous monuments that the city of Córdoba offers with the tours in Spanish and English that take place through the Jewish quarter, the Mosque and the Alcázar.

CitySightseeing España Córdoba

CitySightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit […]