Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio
Tixalia hub fun. Impulsamos el turismo de ocio

Ferry de Ibiza a Formentera con visión submarina

The amazing and virtually untouched island of Formentera is one of the few remaining secrets, not only in the Balearic Islands, but in all of Europe. This idyllic hideaway is just a 35-minute ferry ride south of Ibiza… and you can also make the journey on any of the glass-bottomed boats: Ulises Cat or Mediterránea […]

Ferry de Ibiza a Formentera

Spend a day in paradise with this day trip by ferry to the island of Formentera. This beautiful island is located less than 4km south of Ibiza but is another world away from the hustle and bustle of its big sister. It is also a paradise for sun lovers, with some of the best beaches […]

Ibiza Botanical Biotechnology – BIBO PARK

The Biotechnological Botanical Ibiza – BIBO PARK is a multifunctional space where nature and biotechnology are combined in a new way, unique in Europe and, possibly, in the rest of the world. You will be able to play the Plant Piano, unique in the world, based on the interaction between humans and plants to create […]