Guided Tour of the Alcazaba of Almeria

Discover the Alcazaba of Almería, one of the largest in Spain today. They will enter the three internal enclosures that it has, where they will visit the Odalisque and Gunpowder Towers, the Mirror Tower, the Candle Wall, the Muslim cisterns and royal baths, and the domestic dwellings, without forgetting the patios and gardens with pools […]

Visita Guiada a los Refugios de Almería

Take a guided tour of one of the largest underground shelters built during the Spanish Civil War. Discover the place with your guide and explore the network along the Paseo de Almería. Discover one of the largest shelters from the Spanish Civil War, built by Guillermo Langle to protect the population of Almeria during the […]

Guided Visit to Almeria Cathedral

Discover the beautiful jewel of Almería: the Cathedral of Almería, the only Cathedral in Andalusia with a cloister that is characterized by its strong military fortress architecture. A very unique building where you can discover the history of San Indalecio, Villalán and Portocarrero. A Renaissance building made by Juan de Orea where the famous Cristo […]

Discover Almería Guided Tour

Visit the Historic Center of the city of Almería starting at the Puerta Purchena, one of the oldest entrances to the City. You will walk through the old streets discovering the history of the Civil War Refuges, the Arab Cisterns, the Old Square, the old Muslim medina and its founder, Jairán; the neighborhood of the […]

Mortenostrum – Scream Park

The first Scream Park in Andalusia. Numerous attractions, shows and live concerts will immerse you in a unique night. Mortenostrum is the horror event focused on different experiences, you can find from passages of terror, shows and live music to express escape rooms.

Oasys MiniHollywood

In Tabernas, the only desert in Europe, the authentic settings of American western movies rise up, turned into the most original theme park in the Mediterranean. Oasys MiniHollywood has live shows, a large zoological reserve with more than 800 animals of 200 different species, a swimming pool area and a wide range of restaurants, educational […]

Aquarium Costa of Almería

The marine universe has its own ecosystem and peculiarities, as well as different marine areas. All of them are part of the Water Cycle. Following the path of water circulation and transformation, Aquarium Costa de Almería allows you to get to know different marine communities on our planet. The tour of the Water Cycle will […]